दर्शन दो घनश्याम नाथ मोरी अँखियाँ प्यासी रे

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दर्शन दो घनश्याम नाथ मोरी,

अंखियां प्यासी रे |
मन मंदिर की जोत जगा दो,

घट घट वासी रे,

दर्शन दो घनश्याम नाथ मोरी,

अंखियां प्यासी रे |

मंदिर मंदिर मूरत तेरी,

फिर भी न दीखे सूरत तेरी |
युग बीते ना आई

मिलन की पूरनमासी रे ||

दर्शन दो घनश्याम नाथ मोरी,

अंखियां प्यासी रे |

द्वार दया का जब तू खोले,

पंचम सुर में गूंगा बोले |
अंधा देखे लंगड़ा चल कर

पंहुचे काशी रे ||

पानी पी कर प्यास बुझाऊं, नैनन को कैसे समझाऊं |दर्शन दो घनश्याम नाथ मोरी,अंखियां प्यासी रे |
आंख मिचौली छोड़ो अब तो

मन के वासी रे ||

Darshan Do Ghanshyam Nath Mori, Ankhiyan Pyasi Re |
Wake up the holdings of the temple, Ghat Ghat Vasi Re ||
Temple temple idol is yours, yet you can’t see your face.
The era has not passed, the Poornamasi re of Milan ||
When you open the door of mercy, in the fifth voice, the dumb spoke.
Seeing the blind, Kashi Re reached lame by walking.
Quench my thirst by drinking water, how can I understand Nain?
Leave your eyes open, now you are the people of your mind.
Wealth of the poor on the strength of the weak, of the devotees who keep you.
May all the happiness in your hymn be erased from sadness.
You don’t know your name by chanting, you consider them as yours too.
There is no end to your mercy, O sorrow,
Today the verdict is at your door, my victory is on your defeat.
Every victory is your main toh, Charan Upasi Re ||
Since when did you stand at the door, ask for your defeat from you.
Listen to this request of Narsi, Bhakt Vilasi Ray ||
Do not be ashamed, Lord, do not be ashamed, do not delay in mercy.
Leave the three worlds and come, the resident of the Ganges || Kavisurdas

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